The Case for Revelation Being Dated in the AD 90s

  The book of Revelation has served as a backdrop for theological, critical, and eschatological debate for centuries. The Apocalypse is often neglected because of its mysterious content which often seems too convoluted to understand. One of the critical issues debated regarding Revelation is the date it was written. Though this detail is not worth … Continue reading The Case for Revelation Being Dated in the AD 90s


Early Anabaptists and Pacifism

“What was the early Anabaptist view on pacifism and nonresistance?” Historically, there have been groups of Christians who have restrained from violence in all its forms (cf. Mt. 5:38-42; Rom. 12:14-21). Perhaps most famously today as far as traditions advocating nonresistance and pacifism are the Mennonites. Of course, Mennonites have their origins in the initial … Continue reading Early Anabaptists and Pacifism